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"Not gossip or entertainment or hard news. Suffice it to say, there is nothing out there like us. Part of being well-rounded is knowing a little something about everything. Our approach is simple. Is it relevant? If so, how will our readers benefit socially, financially, politically, or just merely look cool. Our readers are Millennials and Tastemakers making their mark in fashion, business, entertainment, law, marketing, media and a host of other professions. What we all have in common is a drive to reach the pinnacle in our respective fields and look good doing it!" - Visionary Vonn Butler


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Visionary Vonn Butler


Urban 247 is a lifestyle brand, founded by Visionary, Entrepreneur and TSU Professor CeVonn Butler. What originated as an outlet to inform those in Houston with “discriminating tastes” -- 


Urban247 Lifestyle Brand

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