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By Jetara of JTLOVEBEAUTY, Guest Contributor 

As Spring is in full bloom, many are traveling or just need a makeup bag refresh.

Follow along as JTLoveBeauty provides 10 makeup bag must haves for Spring:

1.  Moisturizer. A must have! Most moisturizers can be used as a primer. Avoid products with high fragrance or parabens. During the summer months, use Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15, since it absorbs oil.

2. Brow Kit. Don’t leave home without it! Select a color close to natural hair tones to blend in with brows. To achieve a natural look - a powder is best. Use a cream a little lighter than skin tones to highlight brows, and a brush to apply. I love the LAMIK Celebrity Brow Kit -- it comes with all the items needed to achieve a flawless look.

3. Color Pops. Neon eye colors are in, try the Neon Party Summer Edition Collection. It comes with 6 colors that are black light reactive neon pigment colors. Cabo, Purple, Vacae, Trouble in Paradise, Barbie Tingz and Sunset. The collection comes with the brands Fluid FX which helps loose colors to stay on, as while as become transfer proof. One haute look is the single color eye pop, or neon applied as an eye liner. Make sure to base your eye lid with a cream to help the color stay on and stand out. Use the brightening cream from the LAMIK brow kit.

4. Body Scrub. Due to the weather, skin develops a top layer of dry skin. If a scrub is harsh, only apply it once per week. If it’s considered a light scrub, it can be applied every three to four days. Make sure to use a moisturizer afterwards. I love fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish Exfoliator from Sephora. Follow with a body moisturizer.

5. Skin Care Products. Even sans makeup - skin care is a must! Cleanse daily, tone, and always apply moisturizer. Take time to perform a home facial every week, adding a scrub and mask between cleansing and toning the skin. During hot months, Clarisea SeaSalt Solutions: Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant as a scrub and Kissed By A Bee Organics Charcoal Face Mask are faves. Both products work perfectly with Mario Badescu's Combo/Dry Skin Regimen Kit. The Seaweed Cleansing Lotion works great for dry skin during the spring. 



6. Lip Colors. Every girl must have readily available the following colors: a red, a pink, and a neutral; and three lip liner pencils: a pink, a red, and a brown. Having these six products will allow mixing to get any lip color desired to fit the mood du jour. It’s so hot now to wear a lip pop! Gets a girl noticed for sure…

7. Body Oil. This is also a makeup bag must have to prevent ashiness. A fabulous go-to are Julep products like the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil; it’s lightweight while still providing moisture. What’s great is that it won’t give a greasy look all day in the heat.

8. Bronzer. For the perfect beach or ‘fresh-faced’ look - it’s a must! Make sure the mineral powder of choice matches skin tone and contains no talc powder. Check the bronzer by testing it against the neckline to see how much shine and shimmer it has. Avoid over using a bronzer...too much glow is just wrong!

9. Cheek Contours. Contour, Contour, Contour...but don’t over contour! A quick and easy way to contour is to apply a darker color under the cheekbone and a lighter color on top. Try Fenty Beauty Match Stix; it’s a light pink with lots of shimmer. The Silk Naturals Palace Blush is a deep-brown orange, great for contouring.

10. Pit Paste. Hate white marks left by deodorant while wearing tank tops? Invest in a good pit paste. Primal Pit Paste works as a quick fresher-upper, without leaving product behind.

*JTLOVEBEAUTY for NaturallyHappyHair.com